Into the Worm Bin...

Experiments in the World of Vermicomposting!

Monday, April 24, 2006

And On the Fifth, Sixth & Seveth Days.....

Well, the worms were placed carefully in the bin over the food scraps which had been in there for a couple of days. I did leave a light on over the open bin for about 30 hours to force them into the bedding and not over the sides!!! They seemed to take quite well, better than expected actually and I hope they are settling in nicely

On closer examination they seemed to be enjoying the food scraps, mostly coffee grinds at the moment but that will change. I am collecting more scraps which will start to decompose a little in the next couple of days. I worry if I am feeding them enough/not enough??

I have had about 10 escapees though, even with all my careful attempts at getting them comfortable. The cat of course finds the escapees quite entertaining and many times he is the reason I notice they are on the concrete floor!

Friday, April 21, 2006

And On the Fourth Day.....

YEAH!!! My worms arrived, all 2lbs of them!

The look of the mailmans face was a classic, "what the H*@L could you have in there for it to be listed as Live Animals"!!!

All I have to do now is get them home tonight and slowly encouraged into my worm bin. Hopefully they will like their new home and acclimate quickly. I am rather nervous now and hope that I'm gonna be a good "mummy"

On checking the bin this morning I was relieved to find that it is still moist and there was no smell eminating from the food scraps which are in there. I guess my learning curve is about to increase now that I actually have the worms but then life is an experiment!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

And On the Third Day.....

Well....I have to confess that I didn't do very much last night as I'm kinda at a stand-still until my worms arrive (hopefully today). I did check the bedding and it was still nice and moist although I did add a little more water as I was a little concerned

I also added a little more scrap food as although I know that I need to start out slowly, I didn't think I had started with enough. I now have about 2 cups of scraps for my 2lbs of worms. I was expecting it to smell last night when I walked through the door, but since I had buried the scraps as recommended I was pleasantly surprised

Hopefully my worms will arrive in the mail today at work (co-workers think I'm all crazy!). Guess I have to keep my fingers crossed!

EDITED: No worms today! Man, I am so disappointed!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And On the Second Day.....

Well...This is quite scary really, I have 2lbs of worms arriving on Thursday / Friday and I'm now TERRIFIED that I'm gonna end up killing them!

I went home last night and added some more shredded newspaper to the bin just as I did the previous evening. As I was adding to the bin I notice that the first batch of paper had dried out some, its still "damp" but its definitely drier. Does this mean I have to many air-flow holes or am I not adding enough water??

And so the learning curve begins!...

I did add the small amount of garden soil and bury my first batch of food scraps last night - left over spaghetti, coffee grounds and used paper napkins. I am concerned that it will all start to smell but we shall see. Everything I have read so far says that if you do things correctly then there is no smell involved, we shall see!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On the First Day.....

...The creation of a physical Worm Bin seems pretty simple as all you really need is a box, a bunch of newspaper, time and off course some worms!

I choose a 54 gallon Rubbermaid box which came with a secure fitting lid as the aim is to keep it in the "Man Cave" (aka the garage), this will enable me to continue to produce worm-compost through the winter months also

First order of business was to drill quite a few holes in the sides for air ventilation, I used hubbies cordless drill with a half inch bit. I went slowly so as not to crack the plastic but eventually made a number of holes in the bottom for drainage (VERY important), a row of holes along the bottom and two rows of holes along the sides. I figured this to be enough but I can always add more later on if need be. Once cleaned up I sat the box on four bricks to get it up off the floor and made sure it was stable. I laid a piece of mesh shade cloth over the holes in the bottom to prevent anything "falling" out but will still allow drainage

Now for the messy part! I get a HUGE amount of free newspapers and junk mail (not to mention old phone books) through the mail. Until now it was pretty unwelcome because it would all just go straight in the trash or recycle bin (we won't get into what a huge waste of money I think that all is!). I found a nice comfy chair and started ripping it all into strips! As I went along I would dip a bunch of it into the bowl of water I had sitting on the floor, squeezing out AS MUCH water as I possibly could. This off course created a tightly bunched mess which would not be very habitable for the wormies so I then ripped it apart again as I dropped it into the box to make it all light and fluffy

I have more paper to rip tonight, not to mention I have to also mix in some dirt and food scraps to get things going before the big worm arrival on Thursday or Friday!

In the Beginning.....

...With the wait of the World on my shoulders, the eternal question for me is "what can I do to help, what should my small role be"??

My husband calls me a "An Aging Hippy", I say that I am a "Progressive Pagan"! YES! I am concerned about the amount of trash which flows daily through my hands. YES! I am concerned about the future of our natural resources. YES! I am concerned about Mother Nature. Gardening has allowed me the opportunity to connect not only with myself but also the Earth. Mine is a very small patch in the grand scheme of things but I would like to make a difference in my own little environment

I've encouraged the birds and critters by planting "native" species of plants, I try to be as "organic" as I possibly can, I've even dug up much of the turf lawn! Now its time to concentrate on cutting down on the amount of trash our household produces, first stop VERMICOMPOSTING!