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Monday, April 24, 2006

And On the Fifth, Sixth & Seveth Days.....

Well, the worms were placed carefully in the bin over the food scraps which had been in there for a couple of days. I did leave a light on over the open bin for about 30 hours to force them into the bedding and not over the sides!!! They seemed to take quite well, better than expected actually and I hope they are settling in nicely

On closer examination they seemed to be enjoying the food scraps, mostly coffee grinds at the moment but that will change. I am collecting more scraps which will start to decompose a little in the next couple of days. I worry if I am feeding them enough/not enough??

I have had about 10 escapees though, even with all my careful attempts at getting them comfortable. The cat of course finds the escapees quite entertaining and many times he is the reason I notice they are on the concrete floor!


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