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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And On the Second Day.....

Well...This is quite scary really, I have 2lbs of worms arriving on Thursday / Friday and I'm now TERRIFIED that I'm gonna end up killing them!

I went home last night and added some more shredded newspaper to the bin just as I did the previous evening. As I was adding to the bin I notice that the first batch of paper had dried out some, its still "damp" but its definitely drier. Does this mean I have to many air-flow holes or am I not adding enough water??

And so the learning curve begins!...

I did add the small amount of garden soil and bury my first batch of food scraps last night - left over spaghetti, coffee grounds and used paper napkins. I am concerned that it will all start to smell but we shall see. Everything I have read so far says that if you do things correctly then there is no smell involved, we shall see!


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