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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In the Beginning.....

...With the wait of the World on my shoulders, the eternal question for me is "what can I do to help, what should my small role be"??

My husband calls me a "An Aging Hippy", I say that I am a "Progressive Pagan"! YES! I am concerned about the amount of trash which flows daily through my hands. YES! I am concerned about the future of our natural resources. YES! I am concerned about Mother Nature. Gardening has allowed me the opportunity to connect not only with myself but also the Earth. Mine is a very small patch in the grand scheme of things but I would like to make a difference in my own little environment

I've encouraged the birds and critters by planting "native" species of plants, I try to be as "organic" as I possibly can, I've even dug up much of the turf lawn! Now its time to concentrate on cutting down on the amount of trash our household produces, first stop VERMICOMPOSTING!


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