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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On the First Day.....

...The creation of a physical Worm Bin seems pretty simple as all you really need is a box, a bunch of newspaper, time and off course some worms!

I choose a 54 gallon Rubbermaid box which came with a secure fitting lid as the aim is to keep it in the "Man Cave" (aka the garage), this will enable me to continue to produce worm-compost through the winter months also

First order of business was to drill quite a few holes in the sides for air ventilation, I used hubbies cordless drill with a half inch bit. I went slowly so as not to crack the plastic but eventually made a number of holes in the bottom for drainage (VERY important), a row of holes along the bottom and two rows of holes along the sides. I figured this to be enough but I can always add more later on if need be. Once cleaned up I sat the box on four bricks to get it up off the floor and made sure it was stable. I laid a piece of mesh shade cloth over the holes in the bottom to prevent anything "falling" out but will still allow drainage

Now for the messy part! I get a HUGE amount of free newspapers and junk mail (not to mention old phone books) through the mail. Until now it was pretty unwelcome because it would all just go straight in the trash or recycle bin (we won't get into what a huge waste of money I think that all is!). I found a nice comfy chair and started ripping it all into strips! As I went along I would dip a bunch of it into the bowl of water I had sitting on the floor, squeezing out AS MUCH water as I possibly could. This off course created a tightly bunched mess which would not be very habitable for the wormies so I then ripped it apart again as I dropped it into the box to make it all light and fluffy

I have more paper to rip tonight, not to mention I have to also mix in some dirt and food scraps to get things going before the big worm arrival on Thursday or Friday!


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